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Distillery and Fuel Ethanol

distillery plant manufacturers


Ethanol Production Plant Manufacturers

Mega Epc is currently offering Great answers for ethanol production plant from Sugarcane Juice, Sugar Cane Molasses and Sweet Sorghum. Current advancements will be utilized for Fermentation, Distillation, Dehydration and Waste Treatment.

Our objective will be to supply a refinery with the proper innovation for every customer’s needs. Accentuation will be on vitality sparing, decreasing waste water and venture administration. Notwithstanding fuel liquor, Mega Epc is likewise offering consumable liquor and evaporation plants. Sugar makers everywhere throughout the world are understanding that to enhance the suitability of their sugar process venture, the side-effects of sugar ought to likewise be adapted. Mega Epc anticipates working with sugar makers everywhere throughout the world to enable them to set up world-class ethanol production plants.

MEGA is a global process solutions company offering energy efficient solution to the Ethanol Industry, worldwide. To process various feed-stocks, we offer Robust, Reliable and Most Efficient Fermentation Technologies:

fuel ethanol plant manufacturers
e4        e1        e2        e3
                    MEGA-Continuo                    MEGA-Reciclar                     MEGA-SIF
Continuous Operation (With option of Fed batch) Continuous Operation Fed Batch Operation
Suitable for : Molasses, Sugarcane Juice, Sugar based fruit juices Suitable for : Molasses, Sugarcane Juice, Sugar based fruit juices Most suitable for Starch based feedstock
Yeast: Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast: Saccharomyces Pombe Yeast: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Spent lees can be  used as a dilution water Raw spent wash can be used as a dilution water Thin Stillage used as a dilution water
100% spent lees used Upto 60% Spent wash is recycled Upto 30% Stillage can be recycled
Auto cleaning mechanism provided Auto cleaning mechanism provided Auto cleaning mechanism provided
No Yeast Recycle Yeast Recycle No Yeast Recycle


fuel ethanol production plant manufacturers
fuel ethanol plant manufacturers


Delivering High Efficiency, High Quality, and Innovation to your Distillery.

With a vision to serve customers’ needs for best product quality, lowest possible opex and ease of operation, we offering a tailor made distillation technologies to produce different grades of alcohol with minimum impure spirit production as:

                           MEGA – Eficiente                                        MEGA – Pure
Minimum Steam consumption High Reflux operation
Multi pressure distillation using low pressure Steam 1.5 bar(g) Tailor Made Multi-pressure distillation to produce ENA
Best Power Utilization Low Steam Consumption
99% distillation efficiency Efficient Tray Designs
Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
Can integrated with evaporation Can integrated with evaporation
  Methanol  : 0 ppm


MEGA has started high efficiency, high quality column internal, which set ups effective separation of impure materials. To achieve desired quality of alcohol we studied various factors like impure spirit cuts, reflux ratio etc. We aspire to improve process systems constantly for high grade alcohol production through innovation and Reliability.

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Ethanol dehydration based on Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology using 3A molecular sieves with lowest energy consumption using best heat integration. Fully automatic plant is simple and easy to operate. Mega-PSA ensures high ethanol dryness and long life of molecular sieves.

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption
  • 3 A Molecular sieves
  • 99.9% v/v purity
  • Lowest steam consumption: 0.5 kg/litre of ethanol produced
  • Fully Automatic

Best Quality Product, Lowest possible Opex, Consistency in Product Quality and ease of operation are key features of “Mega-PSA” Dehydration Technology.

distillery plant manufacturers