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Distillery Plant Manufacturers

distillery plant manufacturers


Distillery, Ethanol, Brewery Plants:

With vastly experienced team of operation of alcohol, distillery, brewery plants all over the world, strong engineering back up and innovative ideas, we offer our services of plant expansion to reduce production cost, save energy, reduce effluent load, modification in existing plant in terms of debottlenecking of capacity, layout optimisation to reduce losses (if any). Our innovative solutions have proved helpful to our customers to earn extra profits than competitors. Mega engineering is leading company of distillery plant manufacturers.

Our distillery up-gradation services include following:

  • Upgrading batch fermentation to Continuous.
  • Upgrading atmospheric distillation to Multi-pressure distillation.
  • Increase capacities of the plant without changing existing set up.
  • Improvement of alcohol quality
  • Reducing steam consumptions
  • Reducing effluent volume
  • Improvement of alcohol yield
  • Automation & Controls
  • Integrated Evaporations
  • And many more

Distillery & Ethanol Plants:

In this agro-based industry, most of the end customers are food and pharma industries where quality, purity of the product is most important. To achieve the quality of the product, it is essential to keep operating cost lowest minimum. Higher operation costs result in the loss in profit margins to the investors. Our expert teams always assist our customers to get rid of these losses to increase profits of our clients.

Up-gradation services include but not limited to followings :

  • Reducing Steam consumption
  • Energy efficiency improvement
  • Plant Capacity improvement
  • New derivative production
  • Evaporators up-gradation
  • Water management
  • CIMG1382
distillery plant manufacturers