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Evaporation Plants

Evaporation Plants

evaporation plant manufacturers

Evaporation Plant Manufacturers

Our evaporators systems are tailor made which can be integrated or standalone, combination of falling film, forced circulation and agitated thin film type with lowest operating & maintenance cost. Trouble free non-stop operations are key of profitable businesses of our clients.

Operational Philosophy:
  • Low steam consumption
  • Low chemical cost
  • Cleaning cycle
  • Integration with Distillation
  • Low electricity consumption
We Offer:
  • Falling Film Evaporator
  • Forced Circulation Evaporator
  • Agitated Thin Film Evaporator
  • Integrated Evaporation
  • Spent wash concentration up to 70% using low pressure steam or Alcohol vapors
  • Crystal Clear Process Condensate
  • Effective Degasification System
  • Effective use of TVR/ MVR in evaporation, whenever required
  • Energy Efficient Evaporation Plants Integration with Distillation
  • High Efficient vapor liquid Separators/ Mist eliminators for lower TDS in condensate
  • Operator Friendly
  • Less area/ foot prints required
  • Fully Automatic
Industries we served:
evaporation plant manufacturers
evaporation plant manufacturers


The principle objective of wastewater treatment is generally to allow human and industrial effluents to be disposed of without danger to human health or unacceptable damage to the natural environment. Conventional wastewater treatment consists of a combination of physical, chemical, and biological processes and operations to remove solids, organic matter and, sometimes, nutrients from wastewater. Wastewater treatment is a process to convert wastewater – which is water no longer needed or suitable for its most recent use – into an effluent that can be either returned to the water cycle with minimal environmental issues or reused. Treatment means removing impurities from water being treated; and some methods of treatment are applicable to both water and wastewater. The physical infrastructure used for wastewater treatment is called a “Wastewater Treatment Plant” (WWTP)


Wastewater treatment is closely related to the standards and/or expectations set for the effluent quality. Wastewater treatment processes are designed to achieve improvements in the quality of the wastewater.

Industrial wastewater treatment covers the mechanisms and processes used to treat wastewater that is produced as a by-product of industrial or commercial activities. In our Distillery plants after treatment, the treated industrial wastewater (or effluent) may be reused for steam boiler, fermentation, Cooling tower, floor washing, CIP equipment etc. Major water consumer in distillery plant is in fermentation process for dilution.

The Spent wash received from primary column (1st column) of distillation section is taken to wastewater treatment plant for suitable reuse & recycle. Part of the spent wash generated in the process is also recycled back to the fermentation.

Reduce, recover, and recycle. 3R is the need of the world. Integrated energy solutions by Mega Engineering not only address environmental concerns but also reduce the operation costs; based on the local conditions and client’s requirement, the solution is chosen.

evaporation plant manufacturers